Today’s the first of Dhul Hijjah!
Here’s another time of the year when we can maximise on Allah’s amazing reward system! #AllahuAkbar

And what better deed than performing Hajj during this blessed period! We are thinking of everyone making the important pilgrimage this year.

May Allah (swt) accept your Hajj and return you safely to your loved ones. Ameen ?

[Beautiful Madinah illustration by Amir Al-Zubi, taken from our book Good Deeds: Just To Please Allah]

About the Author:

Currently a mumpreneur writing and publishing in between trying to nurture two Precious Bees: Rayyan & Ridhwan. I had a career in psychiatry & psychology for many years before heading to Saudi Arabia where I wrote a novel, had a food blog & business alongside a fashion business, and had the opportunity to work in a school and teach at a university. Five years later my husband and I headed back to the UK and started our precious family. Creative writing has been a passion since childhood, but it wasn't until having a child of my own that writing Islamic children's books became a mission!