It’s easy to become absorbed and lose focus on a task, or go off track even. The same applies to Ramadan. It’s a good time as any to pull back and remind ourselves of the basics. And perhaps answer some questions we and/or our children have: What’s special about Ramadan? What should we do in Ramadan? What is the Qur’an? What does Allah want us to do?
I was blown away by how Allah has provided so many answers in this one ayah alone – Subhaan Allah!

About the Author:

Currently a mumpreneur writing and publishing in between trying to nurture two Precious Bees: Rayyan & Ridhwan. I had a career in psychiatry & psychology for many years before heading to Saudi Arabia where I wrote a novel, had a food blog & business alongside a fashion business, and had the opportunity to work in a school and teach at a university. Five years later my husband and I headed back to the UK and started our precious family. Creative writing has been a passion since childhood, but it wasn't until having a child of my own that writing Islamic children's books became a mission!