Precious Bees is a Not-For-Profit Company.

It does not pay any salaries to the internal team members.

Money raised through sales, workshops and donations is reinvested back into Precious Bees, 100%!



Our Mission

To create resources which encourage our children – our precious bees – to develop LOVE for ALLAH & ENTHUSIASM For ISLAM!

Since children of all ages and backgrounds love books, activities and videos; what better way to weave Islam into their daily lives?

In shaa Allah our resources will:



Why Do This?

I believe resources which encourage LOVE for ALLAH & ENTHUSIASM for Islam are vital for Mini Muslims because:

The earlier we sow the beauty of Islam, the greater our children will blossom (in shaa Allah).

– Rabia Bashir



Our Vision For The Future 

Precious Bees has been set up as an ongoing act of Sadaqah Jariyah -in shaa Allah. One aspect of that is to continue spreading knowledge and joy about Islam through our resources. We would also love to be in a position where Precious Bees can not only sustain itself but can give back directly to disadvantaged children. Maybe it’ll be a Precious Bees Orphanage. Maybe a school. Maybe all of the above. In shaa Allah.



Our Team

Ultimate Super Power – Allah [swt] – Lord Of Our Universe & Opportunity Creator

Nani & Nana Bees – Fateha & Bashir – Nurturing Service Providers

Mommy Bee – Rabia – Author, Founder & Visionary

Daddy Bee – Irfan – Chief Investor & Grounding Officer

Baby Bees – Rayyan & Ridhwan – Inspirers & Brand Ambassadors

Focus Bees – a team of bees of all shapes & sizes – Buzzing with Feedback & Excitement!



How We Began

The story of Precious Bees began shortly after the birth of my first son in March 2016. I loved bonding with him while singing and reading books to him (and I sensed he loved it too!).

However, I faced a problem. There were countless nursery rhymes and books, but none or very few about Islam.

One day, during a nappy changing singing session, ‘row, row, row your boat’ turned into ‘pray, pray, pray, salah’. And that was the start of our debut book FIVE PILLARS: Just To Please Allah. As my son grew, the wording changed until I had finalised Five Pillars and its sister book, Good Deeds (Alhamdulillah)!

The name ‘Precious Bees’ was inspired by a thought-provoking khutbah given by Ustad Nouman Ali Khan: ‘Be Like The Bee!’ My notes on that are here.

Many more book ideas developed and are waiting to be brought to life with illustrations!