About Rabia Bashir

Currently a mumpreneur trying to balance writing, publishing and nurturing two energetic Precious Bees: Rayyan & Ridhwan. Rabia had a career in psychiatry & psychology for almost 15 years before heading to Saudi Arabia with her husband. Whilst there she: wrote a novel, started a food blog, ran a small catering business, and picked up her modest fashion business again. She also had the rewarding opportunity to support children with learning difficulties in a British school for a year. After that, she enjoyed teaching English at a female-only university. After five years of sandstorms, shawarmas & Saudi sunshine, she and her husband headed back to the UK and started their precious little family. Creative writing has been a passion since childhood. But after becoming a mom for the first time in 2016, writing Islamic children's books became Rabia's mission!

Maze Puzzles

Maze Puzzles are FUN and help children to: improve visual motor skills improve fine-motor skills learn to problem solve improve

Rewards For Umrah & Hajj

May everyone who has ever performed Hajj be rewarded with Paradise. And may those who wish to perform it be blessed

Surah Hajj [22:26-30]

Just a few more rituals for this year’s hajis to perform and then they will have completed their hajj -in shaa

First Ten Days Of Dhul Hijjah

Today's the first of Dhul Hijjah! Here's another time of the year when we can maximise on Allah's amazing reward system!


Catchy songs help us pick up information super fast! We want to harness the power of rhythm and rhymes to