FACELESS EDITION – Imagine Me In Jannah!



A rhyming book encouraging little ones to imagine what they would like in Jannah! There are pages at the end for children to write down their wish-list too!

Suitable for 3 years and upwards

PRICE £5.99

Sorry, we did not have the time or funds to get these printed with glossy paper like the editions with face features. We hope to get better quality versions printed next year In Shaa Allah. What you are ordering are print-on-demand copies, printed via Amazon. The pages are slightly thinner than regular children’s books and the pages are not glossy.

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“Imagine me in Jannah! How amazing would that be? Allah will give us whatever we want Even things we’ve never seen!”

Find out what some boys and girls would like in Jannah in this imaginative rhyming book! In the end, you are invited to imagine yourselves in heaven. How super-duper would that be?! Use the creative spaces provided to record your own visions of Jannah and watch your wish-list grow with you!

A percentage of proceeds will be donated towards the education and welfare of orphans in the Springs of Hope Family Centre, built and maintained by SKT Welfare.

Qur’an quotes given at the end of the book are translations by Abul Ala Maududd (Quran.com)