Faceless Edition – Let’s Pray!



A rhyming songbook helping children to:

  • memorise the names of salah times
  • know what position the sun is in
  • link salah times to what we usually do during those times

Plus there are 3 fun activities about salah times, wudhu steps, and prayer positions!

Suitable for 3 years and upwards

More images of internal pages coming soon…

PRICE £5.99

Sorry, we did not have the time or funds to get these printed with glossy paper like the editions with face features. We hope to get better quality versions printed next year In Shaa Allah. What you are ordering are print-on-demand copies, printed via Amazon. The pages are slightly thinner than regular children’s books and the pages are not glossy.

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Create excitement, enthusiasm, and eagerness for salah! Children (and adults) will love turning the colourful pages to see what Luqman, Laila and the rest of the family are doing from Fajr to Isha. Read or sing-along (QR code inside to access sing-along video).

A percentage of proceeds will be donated towards the education and welfare of orphans in the Springs of Hope Family Centre, built and maintained by SKT Welfare.