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Follow two pigeons as they leave their nest and join millions of pilgrims performing Hajj.

Where will they go?
What will they see?
How will they feel?

This book is the perfect introduction to Hajj for kids.
Written in rhyming text and illustrated in an adorable style; it’s sure to be loved by little ones!

This is a Paperback (not a board book)

The story itself is 36 pages and covers the rituals of Hajj.

Suitable for 3 years and upwards

NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON AMAZON or OUR WEBSITE – AS WE FINALISE THE SECOND EDITION. If you purchased a book already, please get in touch for a refund to compensate for the two errors we made in the first edition. Full explanation is given below.

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Out of stock



Social Media Post – 10th August 2019

I realised yesterday, whilst colouring in the Pigeons On A Pilgrimage activity booklet with my boys, that there’s a mistake in some of the pictures. We have shown some men and boys wearing caps on their heads whilst in ihram which is wrong. Then last night I read about pilgrims facing the Qiblah in Arafat (the pilgrims in our book are facing different directions)…

No-one else has complained – the book has so far received great feedback alhamdulillah BUT I cannot have an imperfect book out there. It’s my responsibility as the author and publisher to ensure our books depict the correct information when it comes to practising Islam.

We are no longer selling this version. I unpublished the book on Amazon so we can fix the errors. Plus, we can now complete the second edition with facts and glossary as well as an activity at the end. (We didn’t get time to add these into the first edition because we wanted to make the story available before Hajj.) We hope it will be ready between September-October -in shaa Allah.

In the meantime, I am truly sorry for releasing the book in haste and not getting it checked by more people. We did our best to check for errors but didn’t pick up on the above. I feel personally responsible as the author and publisher.

We are therefore offering refunds to those who purchased a copy. Or, we request that you write off the purchase as Sadaqah Jariyah as 100% of money we receive gets reinvested into Precious Bees to fund illustration, printing & shipping costs of future books. Please make a note in your books about the above errors in case they are passed on to others in the future. Again, I am sorry and apologise for the inconvenience.

If you decide to request the refund, please email us with your proof of Amazon purchase to info@preciousbees.com

(The related activity booklet is no longer available for download due to the same reasons.)