Wordsearches are FUN and help children to:

learn new vocabulary

revise/review words they already know

recognise words belonging to the same context/topic

improve spelling

improve focus and concentration

Why not print and laminate for repeated use with dry wipe markers!

Or find plastic wallets/folders which can be used with dry wipe markers.

We recognise the advantages and limitations of using electronic devices for learning and are advocates of limited & productive screen time. To combine our activities with a tablet, you could screenshot the wordsearch and use an app such as ‘You Doodle’ to highlight the words.


TOPIC: Five Pillars of Islam


TOPIC: Five Pillars of Islam


TOPIC: Five Pillars of Islam

About the Author:

Currently a mumpreneur writing and publishing in between trying to nurture two Precious Bees: Rayyan & Ridhwan. Had a career in psychiatry & psychology for many years before heading to Saudi Arabia where I wrote a novel (yet to edit and publish), ran a small food blog and business, and had the opportunity to teach in a school and then at a university. Creative writing has been a passion from childhood, but it wasn't until having a child of my own that writing Islamic children's books became a mission!